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All Ya Gotta Do Is Aim covers one of the most important facets of the game of golf. Nobody anywhere has said anything about how to aim a golf shot in the true direction, let alone write a whole book on the subject.


This book has one very secret way, and plenty of other tasks, to get your game way above your fellow competitors and friends. How many times have you heard that? You were just aimed over there? Nobody anywhere has said the terms inside this book.


After reading this book, you will understand so very much more about aiming and starting your golf ball at least at the target.

EASY STEPS will take you through the aiming and alignment process and he will show you how to AIM YOUR GOLF SHOTS FROM UPHILL, DOWNHILL, AND SIDEHILL LIES.


Putt tells everyone also HOW TO JUDGE as well with your AIMING process, and so much more about what happens through the aiming and alignment tasks.


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